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Tuesday, August 16
Tibet: The Dragon Capital of the World

Two photos (or more) have been taken from a plane flying over the Himalayan Mountain range. This wouldn't be news, except the photos featured Dragons.

Just your average picture taken from a passanger on board the plane...except the dragon..
A handful of news sites have offered the usual commentary, however we're going to hold our tongues until things start burning. Either that, or the Chinese ride into America on the backs of dragons. Which is equally as likely.

The Epoch times is carrying this article. Incidentally, nobody else is, so the integrity of these claims really needs to be questioned. Especially since the 'amateur photographer' isn't named. It should be featured in it's original language (chinese) at or, so if anyone can speak Chinese here.....

Sources: Epoch times
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Sunday, May 15
666--the Number of the Beast...or is it?

Satanists, apocalypse watchers and heavy metal guitarists may have to adjust their demonic numerology after a recently deciphered ancient biblical text revealed that 666 is not the fabled Number of the Beast after all. Instead, a far less menacing 616.

The new piece from the Book of Revelation, written in ancient Greek and dating from the late third century, was  found in a historic dump outside Oxyrhynchus in Egypt.

Ellen Aitken, a professor of early Christian history at McGill University, said the discovery appears to spell the end of 666 as the devil's prime number.
"This is a very nice piece to find," Dr. Aitken said. "Scholars have argued for a long time over this, and it now seems that 616 was the original number of the beast."

The tiny piece of 1,500-year-old papyrus is written in Greek, the original language of the New Testament, and contains a key passage from the Book of Revelation.

Where more conventional versions of the Bible give 666 as the "number of the beast," or the sign of the anti-Christ whose coming is predicted in the book's apocalyptic verses, the older version uses the Greek letters signifying 616.

"This is very early confirmation of that number, earlier than any other text we've found of that passage," Dr. Aitken said. "It's probably about 100 years before any other version."

Elijah Dann, a professor of philosophy and religion at the University of Toronto, said the new number is unlikely to make a dent in the popularity of 666.

"Otherwise, a lot of sermons would have to be changed and a lot of movies rewritten," he said with a laugh. "There's always someone with an active imagination who can put another interpretation on it.

"It just shows you that when you study something as cryptic and mystic as the Book of Revelation there's an almost unlimited number of interpretations."
The book is thought to have been written by the disciple John and according to the King James Bible, the traditional translation of the passage reads: "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

But Dr. Aitken said that translation was drawn from much later versions of the New Testament than the fragment found in Oxyrhynchus. "When we're talking about the early biblical texts, we're always talking about copies and they are copies made, at best, 150 to 200 years after [the original] was written," she said.

"They can have mistakes in the copying, changes for political or theological reasons ... it's like a detective story piecing it all together."

Dr. Aitken said, however, that scholars now believe the number in question has very little to do the devil. It was actually a complicated numerical riddle in Greek, meant to represent someone's name, she said.

Revelation was actually a thinly disguised political tract, with the names of those being criticized changed to numbers to protect the authors and early Christians from reprisals. "It's a very political document," Dr. Aitken said. "It's a critique of the politics and society of the Roman empire, but it's written in coded language and riddles."

But if 666 isn't the number of the beast, then whose number is it? It wont look very good for heavy metal guitarists if 666 is the number of the tooth fairy.

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Tuesday, April 26

Sorry for the drought in entries, but all will be well next weekend. I'll update with something, and hopefully it will be interesting.

Sorry again

And you want to read this. Yes. Yes, you do.

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Tuesday, February 15
Who Are You??

Just exactly who are you? You may say "Well...I'm Ted Somebody, originally from Pittsburgh and the son of a steelworker and hair stylist.

I'm a Regional Sales Manager for Something Industries and have been for the last 11 years. I'm 35 years old, a father of three and recently divorced. I wish I could see my kids more. I was raised Catholic but no longer practice.

I am an avid skier and outdoors man. I'm 6 feet tall, with a dark complexion and brown eyes and probably carry an extra 15 pounds and it sure seems tougher to lose then ever before. My sign is Taurus if you care.

I enjoy discussing politics but tend to become a little argumentative. I guess I do enjoy a good argument. I love to travel and especially like getting away on my motorcycle on weekends. I also own a sailboat but just don't seem to have the time to enjoy it much anymore.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.."

Understand right now, that the essence of who you are is not your name, your birthplace, your parents, your job, your career, your title, your age, your marital status, your weight, your possessions, your religious affiliation, your habits, your body, your mind, your fears, your thoughts or your feelings.

Who are you then?

When your body is tired, who/what is it that says "my body is tired"?

When you are troubled, who/what is it that says "my mind is troubled'?

When you say "I feel angry!", who/what is it that is angry?

Who/what is it that thinks the thought or senses the body or feels the anger? Who/what is it that speaks of the mind and the body and the feelings?

Who are you?

You are that by which you know that you are. That is who you actually are. Your essence is spirit. Meditate on this sentence. Be that. There is no need to try to be that because you already are that. What effort is needed to be who you are already? Realize that. Undoubtedly you are here. You can control your thoughts but you are NOT your thoughts.

What is meant by the psalm ""Be still and know that I Am God..."? Rote knowledge of scripture remains mechanical and mere words unless one allows the heart and soul to be touched. Words stir the mind and inspire but knowledge of God is complete, wordless, direct and impossible to mistake. Prayer and meditation is the direct path. If the mind is not clear, it is not ready to receive all that waits to enter.

Know thyself. Look at the word confidence and it's root; con-fîdo, fisus sum, 3, v. n., to trust confidently in something, confide in, rely firmly upon, to believe, be assured of.

Take all the time in the world to ponder the question "who am I?". Eliminating all that you are not and discover what is left! There you are! Exercise the full control that you possess as a birthright. The choice is yours.

Realize that all the problems you struggle with relate directly or indirectly to your body's existence, whether it be security, other people, food, shelter, clothing or health issues.

These problems melt away when you realize that you truly are something other than your body and mind. What problems does the owner of the body have?

When you stay aware and in the now (after all the now is always with you), and you develop the ability to observe with stillness, you may choose to refuse to allow your true self to become attached to destructive thoughts, worries and fears. Actually, by using the process of elimination you will find through meditation all that you are not! Then what remains; the witness is boundless unlimited spirit.

The now is of vital importance in this premise. When you find yourself thinking of something in the past or worrying about the future, you must immediately realize that you are still doing this thinking in the now.

The material world will come and go, but the now and the spiritual realm will remain absolutely and infinitely real. Keep returning to this sense of "I am here and now".

It can take but a moment or an entire lifetime to get this. Your sincerity is the key. Use your new found awareness to destroy (destroy meaning de-structure) any tired, patterned responses you may covet in which you think you have to be somebody or live up to somebody's expectations. You already have "some body".

When you bring your inner self into focus, spontaneously and without effort, who you actually are will then begin to emerge. When you begin to observe all the madness that happens around you, all the while realizing that it is happening to you but is not you, then the inner self emerges. Try to stay there calmly but remember to do this without effort or strain.

Continued patience and a sincere heart are all you truly need. Your unbending intent is incredibly powerful. It will take some discipline to stay in the now in the early stages as you will be bombarded with images, resentments, irritations and trivialities. Just allow these thoughts to pass you by as if you are sitting by the river's edge watching a leaf being ever gently carried downstream.

These thoughts have never actually been you but now that you are realizing this, you will clearly view how these thoughts and the confusion that they create operate to determine your daily reality.

To be yourself requires no special knowledge. Remember always both simplicity and sincerity. You will begin with tiny steps, gradually isolating negative reactions and resentments and dispassionately observing them.

Resist not. Resent not. Remain as the observer, the witness and separate from your thoughts. See clearly that there is the thought and there is the witness of the thought. You are the witness only. Stay in this witnessing state.

Pure awareness, silence and stillness is the essence of who you are. Clear your mind first of trivialities and thoughts, be very quiet, and then within the stillness and silence you will find peace.

The obvious fact that you are absolutely able to observe something (whether it be a thought or feeling) is proof that you are not it. You can't be both the observer and that which is observed.

This meditative state is nothing more than affording yourself the opportunity to discover what is illusionary, so that when truth is presented it will be heard. It will be known. Doubt not.

If you seek the advanced disciplines of postures, poses and breathing techniques you will find many books/teachers which/ who will describe these thoroughly. Be aware lest you become addicted to the method and miss the message. Simplicity works.

My intent here and now, is that you simply are able to realize there is a way to still the mind so that you may know who you truly are and know God, not simply know about God.

It is a mystery as to why you and I have appeared here at all. Rather then continuing to submit yourself to endless questioning, intellectualizing and speculation, why not consider just being? If this mystery is meant to be revealed, it will be... in due time.

Source: Optimum Self.

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Sunday, February 13

Human Beings are masochistic individuals. We have desires to be successful, wealthy, attractive, but we also have many hidden desires that are so much more sinister. We often enjoy failure as much as we do success. You may not believe that people desire to fail, but if you look around and observe people, it is rather easy to see. People yearn for attention from others, and failure is an easy way of getting the wanted attention.


“My boyfriend cheated on me. I can’t believe it. I always thought he was the one. I thought I could trust him…how can I ever go out with another man?” People will hold on to losing a close one, being fired, falling ill, even being “suicidal” just for the sake of having something to whinge about so that a empathetic, warm-hearted soul will take time to listen.


These masochistic desires apply to magick as well. For every Statement of Intent that we write (or draw) there is a secret desire to spoil it. To get around the secret desire for failure, we can trick our own mind into forgetting the Statement of Intent, using a magick method—Sigilization.


Sigils are pictures or sentences which represent the Statement of Intent. They are acknowledged by the subconscious mind, once the process is complete, but not the conscious, which means, we can evade our conscious mind’s attempts to spoil our success.


Lets investigate the properties of the human mind. There are two states of awareness; the conscious and subconscious awareness. The Conscious awareness is the state of mind which we control. What we smell, see, hear, touch and taste is processed, it’s where we think “Hey, this chocolate cake tastes mighty fine” or “I wish Bob would stop picking on Jim”. This is the state of mind which is associated with the waking state, while the subconscious awareness is said to be the dream state. In the subconscious mind, the functions of the body are maintained, for example, your breathing, blinking, passing your food through your digestive system, ect.


Many theories on how the two react with each other lay around, I have fond one that makes sense to me, so I’ll share it with you. The theory is that they are balanced like a sea-saw with a fulcrum at the exact middle. This means, that they are directly affected by each other. For example, if you are in a waking state and your conscious awareness is believed to be at 80% in control, your subconscious awareness would be at 20% in response.  While you sleep, or meditate, your subconscious awareness would be the dominating state.



So why do we use Sigils? Based on the theory we just read, the conscious awareness can’t have a direct connection with the subconscious. Because of the sea-saw balance of the awareness, there is no way to directly transfer conscious desires to the subconscious. This is where sigils take their part.


A sigil is a graphical or written representation of the conscious desire.      



There are many different methods of creating or forming sigils but they all revolve around these two basic types. The actual methods for making sigils will come later. Now the question we have to ask is, "Why is it exactly that we need to use these sigils to manifest our desire?" The first answer to this is to transfer our desire from the conscious awareness to the subconscious. Because the two cannot have direct connections we need to trick the subconscious awareness into accepting conscious thoughts. You could also look at this as forcing the subconscious awareness into accepting them. The second reason is to significantly reduce the "lust for desire" factor that we often have when dealing with magick. Through the use of written desires, there is no longer any content for the conscious awareness to dwell on. This will allow the subconscious awareness to work freely on the process of manifesting the desire through reduction of the level of conscious awareness at hand in the project.

You should now have a pretty good understanding of what sigils are, how why they work, and why they work. Now we are going to look at the different methods to create a sigil. I cannot even begin to cover all of the methods one could use to create a sigil, but I can give general guidelines to get someone started. Each person will evolve their own method to sigil creation that they feel comfortable with and confident in.

The two main types of sigils are graphical and mantra. The first few steps in creating each type of sigil are identical to each other. They begin to differ once you have your desire written down and encrypted.

The first step to creating either type of sigil is to write down your conscious desire. Do not write just anything down. You must be specific and use words that are geared more to making something happen rather than possibly making it happen. What I mean by this is use forceful words to describe your desire. For example, if you are want to make a sigil to help you find a better job, your desire should be something along the lines of, "I WILL FIND A BETTER JOB!" instead of "I WANT A BETTER JOB." As I said before, the more specific and forceful you are about describing exactly what you want, the better chances you will have of actually manifesting that desire in the long run.

The second step is to rearrange the letters and then randomly or systematically remove certain ones. There are millions of ways to do this. Some magicians who are more mathematically oriented will convert the letters to numbers, run them through an equation, and then turn the answer back into letters. Other will just remove letters that appear more than once and be done with it. The method that you use for this step is up to you. Magic is a personal undertaking and this is just another chance to be yourself.

It is at this point that the two main types of sigil creation take separate paths.

Graphical: Now that you have your mixed up 'encrypted' letter, you should draw a picture or symbol using those letters. Make sure that you use every single letter. You can bend them, stretch them, squeeze them, contort them, ect. in any way that you choose. Once you have your symbol containing all of your letters, simplify it. Slide the lines around a little, remove certain ones at your own discretion, ect. Continue to play with it and redraw it until you have found your sigil. It can be as complex or simple as you would like. This is completely up to you.

Mantra: Now that you have your mixed up 'encrypted' letter, rearrange them to form something that flows smoothly when pronounced. If you are having trouble, you can go back to the second step and instead of removing letters, double all of your vowels or something of this nature. What matters is that your end product is something that you can remember and something that flows smoothly so that you will have no problem chanting or vocalizing it. As an example of this method, the "I WILL FIND A BETTER JOB" could become "JIT LEND WILOB DA".

There, now you have created your sigil. Regardless of the method you used, you should have the encrypted version of your desire. The next step is the easiest to remember but the hardest to do. Forget what your original desire was. I know quite a few magickians who will create twenty sigils at a time and then put them away for two weeks. Then they will randomly place them and begin charging them. The reason is because the time and the randomness of the casting makes them completely forget why they made them originally. But how can your desire manifest if you forgot what your desire was? Well, you have not really forgotten. You have erased the association of that sigil to the desire in your conscious awareness. In other words, your conscious awareness has completely forgotten what that sigil represents. Even if the original desire still resides in your conscious awareness, the link connecting it to your sigil is gone. But, that link IS connected to the subconscious awareness.

It is at this point that you should have made the connection to how sigils really work. It is the link that now exists between the sigil and the subconscious awareness that allows your conscious awareness to be taken out of the picture. Although you made the sigil and will charge the sigil in a conscious state, the conscious awareness no longer holds the links to that sigil in regards to the desire. Therefore, your subconscious awareness is free from any bonds placed on it by the conscious awareness to do the work needed to manifest that desire.

It is now time to cover the last topic dealing with sigils and it is the most diverse topic regarding sigil casting. This topic is the different methods of charging sigils. Each person has their own way of charging sigils. Some deal with achieving meditative states of gnosis while others tend to enter chaotic states of gnosis. Either way, gnosis is an important part of charging sigils. Why exactly is that?

Well, the reason is because you have to give the subconscious awareness the green light to begin working on the desire. Think of a car; you have the battery hooked up under the hood, the tank full of petrol, and your sitting in the drivers seat. But, your not going anywhere. Why? You haven't started the car yet! The same principle holds true to sigils. You have the sigil created, you have the desire erased from your conscious awareness, and you have the desire linked to the subconscious. Now you just have to start the subconscious. This is what you accomplish through charging the sigil.

Once gnosis is achieved, there are millions of ways to charge the sigil. Many of these methods depend on the form of gnosis you are using. One way is chanting the mantra sigil or visualizing the graphical sigil as you achieve gnosis through meditative methods; dancing, drumming, meditation, ect. Another way is visualize or chant the sigil as you achieve orgasm through sex gnosis. As you can see there are many different methods in which one can charge a sigil and it is up to the individual to find their preferred method.

It is my hope that you now understand MY ideals behind sigils. I hope that you can look at my ideals and methods and use those to develop your own set of sigil workings. As with any magickal practice, the diversity of answers you will get to the above questions is vast. It will depend on the various ideals of each magickian and how they see the human mind and the fabric of existence working.

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Wednesday, February 9
Lan is BACK in town!

Hello Everyone!!
How are you all? Good, I hope. I'm back from my blogging break. I'm not going to be updating every day, but I'll try to post an essay/conspiracy theory/news article/mindmap/ect every two weeks, so hopefully, many more interesting entries to come.

I'll see you again on the weekend, with my first post (this one doesn't count) for the new year.

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Friday, December 10


  Texas. Wasn't exactly the first place people usually thought of when talking about Metal, but that is exactly where this Cowboy from Hell was raised. Born on August 20 in 1966 in Dallas, Dimebag and his Brother—Vinnie Paul—were brought up by country song writer Jerry Abbott, who owned his own recording studio. Although growing up with the country music, it appeared to have little effect on the music Dimebag played and wrote. 



A founder of Pantera, now a Damageplan member--Dimbag Darrell Abbott--was shot dead at a concert in Ohio on Wednesday. A deranged psychopath walked on to the stage and fired 5 or 6 shots at the legendary Dimebag Darrell, then shot 3 others, to later be shot himself by a police officer.



This is not goodbye, this is see you later. RIP Dimebag.


Posted by Lan at Friday, December 10, 2004
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Monday, September 20
"Smoke" On The Grassy Knoll

So little has changed in Dealey Plaza that — if one could ignore the towering monoliths of post-1963 Dallas — it is easy to imagine the motorcade is about to arrive. The Zapruder film has now become familiar to the public, and it stands as the best-quality film taken from a near-ideal vantage point. But we are also familiar with footage of the aftermath, thanks in good measure to broadcast-quality newsreel film taken by several cameramen back in the motorcade. This was the footage that was shown on the networks as that awful afternoon unfolded.

The Rush to the Knoll!

In the immediate aftermath of the assassination, numerous witnesses and policemen found themselves in the parking lot atop the infamous Grassy Knoll. Their presence is often cited as evidence of an assassin firing from behind the fence.

The "rush" to the knoll actually occurred over a minute after the shots, and was triggered by a Dallas motorcycle policeman in the parade, Clyde Haygood, who had no firsthand knowledge of the shot direction. Officer Haygood was a block away when he heard the first of three shots. After racing to Elm Street, he stopped just pass the fallen Newman family, parked his cycle, and ran up to confer with a policemen he saw on the railbridge. Only then did people start running up after him, falsely thinking he was after a culprit.

The "rush" up through the walkway by the Bryan Colonnade occurred even later. Prominent witnesses like the Newmans didn't begin for over a minute; Jean Hill didn't cross the street for over two minutes. The initial reaction of most people close to the shooting was to simply drop to the ground or seek cover. Later, media reports and affidavits from witnesses would describe their impression — perhaps aided by the sight of Haygood and the tricky acoustics of the Plaza — that shots seemed to come from the area to the front of the car.

Initially, the Grassy Knoll wasn't suspected by researchers as a source of shots. Thomas Buchanan, in his 1964 book Who Killed Kennedy? based a shot from the Triple Underpass on a "bullet hole" that reportedly passed through the limousine's windshield. Only when the Warren Commission demonstrated the windshield could only have been hit from the interior (probably a lead fragment from the fatal shot), and released the testimony of Sam Holland, did attention shift onto the knoll.

The Grassy Knoll has since been a favorite of researchers, who've deduced "assassins" and "puffs of smoke" from numerous photographs that captured the area. In 1967 came the sensational announcement that a "classic gunman" shape was apparent on a frame of the poor-quality 8mm film taken by Orville Nix. Within months, Josiah Thompson had laid that one to rest, noting the same shadow pattern effect in a frame taken long after the assassination.

In 1965, critic David Lifton studied copies of the Moorman Polaroid, which included much of the Grassy Knoll at the near-instance of the fatal shot. Lifton thought one of the bushes on the knoll was an artificial blind for a sniper.

In 1976, yet another shape materialized from the shadows in a Moorman blowup in Robert Groden's book JFK: The Case for Conspiracy. From the same image, Texas researchers Gary Mack and Jack White presented a shape they called "Badgeman" in the 1988 documentary "The Men Who Killed Kennedy." That same year, at NOVA's request, technicians at MIT analyzed the shape, concluding it "took some imagination" to render it into a human figure.

One shape on the knoll has been confirmed as human; the "Black Dog Man" figure at the Bryan Colonnade's retaining wall seen in the Willis and Betzner photographs as the limousine moves down Elm. Critics have made much of this shape, some even suggesting he was holding a "rifle." But a long-forgotten interview of Marilyn Sitzman by Josiah Thompson determined the shape was quite benign.

Who Was Black Dog Man?

The 1993 book The Killing of a President by Robert Groden offers enlargements from the Moorman Polaroid, and Muchmore and Nix films that purport to show Black Dog Man at the corner of the retaining wall. On an episode of Geraldo in 1991, Groden played a rotoscoped sequence of the Nix film showing a "tan-colored object [dropping] downward and to the left" as evidence of Black Dog Man's suspicious activity.

That program opened with a live remote from Dealey Plaza that included one of the last interviews with the late Marilyn Sitzman, the secretary who steadied Abraham Zapruder as he filmed atop an abutment of the Bryan Colonnade. Pointing towards the corner of the retaining wall, Sitzman recalled:

"What had happened, there was a couple sitting right over here in a park bench and they dropped a pop bottle, right after the car went under the Triple Underpass. And when that pop bottle hit the cement, it kind of woke us up. And both Mr. Z and I was still standing up here. Everybody else was laying down flat. And all's I can remember then, was going through my mind: 'What am I doing standing up here?'"
The movements in the Nix film Groden later showed on the same program do resemble the event recalled by Sitzman. The couple were gone when Zapruder panned over the retaining wall seconds later, having fled "towards the back." Two years later, Groden still had not connected the couple to the grainy shapes at the retaining wall he presented in the most suspicious light in The Killing of a President.

Nor, apparently, did Josiah Thompson care to associate the couple Sitzman first described to him in 1966 with the errant "fourth" shot recalled by the featured witness of his 1967 book Six Seconds in Dallas. Sam Holland, signal supervisor for the Union Terminal Railroad, who witnessed the assassination from atop the Triple Underpass.

Sitzman told Thompson of a young black couple who were eating lunch and drinking Cokes on a bench behind the retaining wall. When the motorcade arrived, the Willis and Betzner photographs showed they had repositioned themselves near the wall's corner, apparently leaning with their elbows on top of the wall.

Sitzman recalled hearing "a crush of glass and I looked over there and the kids had thrown down their Coke bottles, just threw them down." Her description of the bottle-breaking being "much louder than the shots were" and the possibility that sunlight reflected from the flying shards would account for Holland's claim of gunfire and a puff of smoke from the knoll.

Thompson doesn't acknowledge it, but a likely reason Holland looked towards the knoll area in the first place was because — from Holland's position atop the railbridge — the Oswald window loomed above it. Holland later thought he could distinguish three shots from "the north end of Houston Street," also in the vicinity of the Oswald window. Holland's alleged shot from "under the trees" becomes an aberration of the exploding Coke bottle.

Sitzman's revelation to Thompson was re-discovered by Massachusett archivist Richard Trask in 1985, who "in 1991 located the bench photo and put the scenario of the black couple together." Trask's 1994 landmark book, Pictures of the Pain, publishes an image taken on the afternoon of the assassination by Dallas Morning News photographer Johnny Flynn showing:

"two plainclothes men, one with a stenographer's note pad in hand, leaning over and examining a paper lunch bag, and a wrapper marked 'Tom Thumb 8 Buns 25 cents.' The lunch leavings are resting on an odd-looking metal frame slat bench positioned perpendicular to the concrete wall and next to the walkway leading to the stairs at the knoll."
The black couple have never been identified — they may very well be the elusive "smoking gun" needed to crack the so-called "great mystery" of the Kennedy assassination.

Smoke and Mirrors

Holland's co-workers on the railbridge also described "smoke" but take a closer look. Austin Miller located the incident "coming from a group of trees north of Elm off the railroad tracks." This is the tree grouping, at the retaining wall, described by Holland. Miller testified: "I turned and looked toward the — there is a little plaza sitting on the hill. I looked over to see if anything was there, who threw the firecracker or whatever it was." The "little plaza" is the concrete pergola structure, that includes the retaining wall. Nothing about gunfire from the fence.

James Simmons located it "near the embankment in front of the TSBD." The wall is closer and more "in front of the TSBD" than the fence. In 1966, Simmons told Mark Lane it "came from the left and in front of us, toward the wooden fence, and there was a puff of smoke that came underneath the trees on the embankment." Simmons stood next to Holland — the only cluster of trees from their vantage point was that later described by Holland.

Marilyn Sitzman was a lot closer to the stockade fence corner than Holland, yet the only unusual event she noticed was the bottle-smashing by the black couple — nothing about gunfire. That same day she told a police detective the shots came from the Depository.

Likewise, Emmett Hudson, the Dealey Plaza groundskeeper, was standing halfway up the steps on the knoll, and heard nothing like a gunshot from the fence, a few feet behind him. Hudson would clarify for the HSCA that he meant the Depository when he described the shots as coming from "behind" him; critics had misused him as a second-gunman witness for years.

The "haze of gunfire" Groden presents on page 204 of The Killing of a President is, of course, a burst of fall foliage as better revealed in the blow-up on page 46. There is little doubt that what David Lifton purports to be "smoke" on a Nix film frame is simply the tree shadow pattern on the sunlit portion of the retaining wall, seen clearer on the Moorman and Bond photos. The Nix film did, however, unmistakably capture the swinging motion of the bottle-breaking.

Many of the witnesses who indirectly saw or heard the bottle-breaking and the couple's dark shapes immediately running from the scene understandably associated the events at the wall with the President's head explosion so nearby. The witnesses' insistence that what they saw was a "puff of smoke," the Parkland doctors' snap judgment of frontal shots, the failure of the black couple to come forward — and later on, the "rearward" head snap as seen on the Zapruder film — left the Grassy Knoll open to all sorts of speculation.

The sad part is that Sam Holland gave an honest impression of what he saw which critics later molded to fit their agenda. Josiah Thompson had the opportunity in 1966 to ask Holland whether the "puff of smoke" could have been the bottle-breaking recalled by Sitzman, but it would have challenged his hypothesis of a simultaneous double-impact on the President's head.

Ironically, Sam Holland had complained to Thompson about the subterfuge of an alias used by Mark Lane to gain a interview. Having been a Dallas Deputy Sheriff for 17 years, Holland had checked out Thompson with his old friend, Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker. Thompson's credibility was no doubt helped by being Life magazine's Special Consultant on the assassination. In Thompson's words, Holland complained that critics:

"had lied to him about the use to which his words would be put and had badgered him unceasingly, trying to prove one point and then another. Thus the first part of the evening was spent in salving the wounds Holland had suffered in earlier interviews."
Despite assurances that Thompson "wished to plead no special case," Thompson admits to an agenda: "Holland's story fitted the last piece into a jigsaw puzzle whose shape I had first perceived some five months earlier."

Newman and the Umbrella

The November 22, 1963 affidavits of the Newman couple were published in Volume XIX of the Hearings; subsequently to be misrepresented by critics like Meagher, Thompson and Marrs. It wasn't until 1984, in the TV production "On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald," that Vincent Bugliosi simply asked William Newman to specify the bit about the "garden directly behind me" that was in his affidavit of November 22, 1963. Newman specified the area to the east of the pergola; between the Depository and Newman's position on November 22 is a landscaped walkway.

In his affidavit, Newman thought the shots came from the direction of the Depository, but was unsure as to the shooter's elevation and so looked no higher than the "garden." The Moorman photo shows the fence on the Grassy Knoll is more to Newman's right than rear, whereas the "garden" — and Depository — are more rearward. To millions of viewers of the Zapruder film, it does initially appear that, in Newman's words, a shot "hit the President in the side of the temple." The autopsy finding and discovery of the Z312-313 forward movement reveal the explosion of the upper right skull was actually an exit wound.

The "JFK" movie, a man with an umbrella in the heart of Dealey Plaza acts as a visual signalman for the assassination teams. No, Stone didn't make this up; there was a man pumping an open umbrella as the limousine passed him. But what Stone left out was that the man has been identified.

In his Select Committee testimony, Louie Steven Witt recalled his symbolic protest action in the Plaza using an umbrella. To many researchers, Witt offered the type of innocent explanation Thompson thought “most likely” in 1967. There was another protester, with a handwritten sign across Elm from Witt. Both Witt and that man, like many others, lingered in the Plaza long after the assassination.

Witt told the Committee that he wanted to taunt Kennedy, since the umbrella was supposedly symbolic of Joseph Kennedy's sympathy for Neville Chamberlain's attempts to appease Germany before the start of World War II. Chamberlain's famous "peace in our time" was read — in front of newsreel cameras — under an umbrella at a rainy airport. During the cajoling of convention delegates on the day JFK received the nomination in 1960, Lyndon Johnson chided his opponent’s father, saying "I was never any Chamberlain umbrella man."

ics note Witt said he didn't see "the President shot or his movements" because Witt was preoccupied walking towards the sidewalk and raising up the umbrella. Photographs show the Umbrella Man was already stationed on the sidewalk with a raised umbrella, and thus a clear view of the approaching motorcade. But consider the dynamics of the moment, such as the possibility that the first and second loud reports diverted Witt's attention towards the Depository as the President neared.

Recall that Witt was in the Plaza to protest against the President — at the last moment, Witt could have seen the Secret Service agents and Mrs. Kennedy, realized the absurdity of his silly protest, and just couldn't face the President. Years later, he would not be able to recall the exact sequence.

Louie Witt's open admission should have ended speculation over the Umbrella Man. Like other conspiracy candidates, such myths die a hard death in the critical community. It may be the questionable principals and skewed analysis of conspiracy authors that's the ultimate "smoking gun" in this case. They continue to lead millions on a wild-goose-chase up the Grassy Knoll.

Posted by Lan at Monday, September 20, 2004
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Monday, September 20
The Umbrella Man

Was this fellow, standing in Dealey Plaza with an open umbrella and no rain in sight part of some conspiracy? The House Select Committee on Assassinations located the Umbrella Man -- a fellow named Louis Witt who was engaged in a somewhat obscure form of political protest. Here are two graphics, one showing Louis Witt's umbrella being opened before the House Select Committee onssassinations, to the general merriment of all assembled. The second shows the Umbrella Man's umbrella in the Zapruder film in Dealey Plaza. Both of these images are video captures from the NOVA documentary.


Posted by Lan at Monday, September 20, 2004
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Tuesday, June 8
The Moon Hoax (Conspiracy Theory 1)

My conspiracy theory for this report is that we never went to the moon. The whole dang thing was faked. When I had first heard of this idea, I though to my self that it was a load of rubbish. "Of course we went to the moon" Kept going through my mind.

I had a free session once, and i sat in the V.C.E (senior years) room. A couple of kids were talking about the moon, and how they agree we didn't go there.
They had brought up some interesting points, but I was not quite sure that I believed them, so I have taken this opportunity to study this Idea further. I am now convinced that we never landed on the moon, and it is my hope, that I can make you question it yourself. One thing that I would like to call to attention, is that I am not an expert on anything that is written in this report. I don't know much about camera's, or non-atmospheric conditions, or physics or anything. I am just a senior in high school, and about the only thing that I know professionally is how to run movie projectors. I challenge all that read this page to find something wrong with it, and tell me about it, so I can more accurately disprove one of the most historical events of the century..... The Landing on the Moon.

Lets Start off with the pictures

Lets face it, there isn't really a heapload of evidence that we didn't go to the moon. Why would there be? NASA doesn't WANT evidence that we went to the moon. NASA wants people not to ask questions, and keep living their happy little lives. But here is some evidence that you cannot argue with. My theory is that the moon landing were set on a sound stage, not in space. (Perhaps an Air Force base near San Bernardino, called Norton Air Force Base, where they have the world's largest sound stages under tremendously efficient security).

On the moon, there is only one light source, the sun. This is a shot of Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong planting the US flag on the moon. If the sun is the only light source used by NASA on the moon, Aldrins shadow A shadows should not be so much longer than Armstrong's

This is a famous picture labeled "Man on the Moon" I have a poster of this picture hanging on my wall in my room, and it always gives me a chuckle.

If you will look at area B you will notice a shadow cast across Buzz Aldrin's space suit. Once again, if the Sun is the only light source used on the moon, this shadow would have been MUCH darker.
Looking at area C you will notice that the surface of the moon fades off into the distance, then is met with the moon's horizon. In a no-atmosphere environment, the ground shouldn't have faded out, but stayed crystal sharp unto the moon's horizon.

Looking at area D you can plainly see some type of structure reflected through Aldrins helmet. I do not know what it is, but it is there.

In this picture, taken from the LEM, you can see at least two abnormalities. In section E you see an abnormal shadow on the moon's surface. NASA claims that this shadow is the shadow cast by the Lunar Module, but on earth, even when aircraft is flying low to the ground, it does not produce such a clearly defined shadow.

OK, here's the kicker... if you will look at section 3 you will notice there are no stars in the sky. In fact, you will never see any stars in any NASA Moon photographs, or hear an astronaut mention anything about the glorious stars that are visible when out of the earths atmosphere.

if you look in areas 6 and J , you will again see no stars. In area K you will notice that one side of the LEM in covered in shadow, but somehow the symbol of the US flag in illuminated. This very well could have been a touch up job.

This is a picture of Alan Bean holding up a Special Environmental Examiner Container. This picture was taken off a camera that was strapped to Conrad's chest. If the camera was attached to Conrad's chest, the top of Bean's helmet L should not be in this picture.

All of the shadows reflected in Bean's visor M are going off in separate directions, not in parallel lines like they should be.

If you will look at the Environmental sampler that Al Bean is holding, N , The reflection is coming from a light source other than the sun, but it is possible that light is being reflected off the space suit.

There is a strange anomaly in the sky 7 , It is yet to be determined what that might be.

In our last picture, I would like to direct your attention to the circled portion of the screen. These Lunar Rover tracks are quite well defined, don't you agree? Well, the fact is, you need a mixture of a compound, and water, to make such defined lines. I don't know if that idea is so convincing, but I assure you, this next one is.

If you look at the rock labeled R you will notice a the letter C carved in the rock. Perhaps a gag left by the props department?

Here is a portion of the previous picture, blown up. Take a look at the cross hairs that appear on the picture. These hairs appear on EVERY lunar picture. These cross hairs are placed between the shutter of the camera, and the film, supposedly. If you take a look at the cross hair on the left, this cross hair was placed behind the lunar rover, you can see the Lunar Rover is in front of the cross hairs.

On with the Facts!!!

I tried to find a credible man to get my facts from on this subject, and I found just that. The following information came form Mr. Bill Kaysing, seven years head of technical publications for the Rocketdyne Research Department at the Propulsion Field Laboratory in the Simi Hills, near Kenoga Park, California. During this time as head of technical publications for Rocketdyne, Mr. Kaysing had a Top Secret clearance. Facts about the Moon

An average days temperature on the moon ranges from 260° F to 280° F, too for film to survive. At those temperatures, film crinkles up into a ball.

About 20 miles about the Earth, there is a radiation belt named the Van Allen belt. No human can get through this belt, If you try than you get hit with 300+ rads of radiation. Unless they are surrounded on each side by 4 feet on lead.

There are millions of micro-metors traveling at speeds up to 6000 MPH, which would tear the ship to pieces.

If you look at the pictures/video of people on the moon, you will never see more than 3 stars.

When the LEM set down on the Lunar surface, it gave out 3000 lb. worth of thrust. This would have created a massive hole underneath the Lunar Module, but in pictures of the Lunar Module, the ground underneath is untouched.

But why would they do it?

I have come up with three reasons why NASA would fake a landing on the moon:

MONEY. NASA gathered about 30 billion dollars pretending to go to the moon. That means that someone is getting a lot of money in their pockets.

ATTENTION. If you ever saw the movie "Wag the Dog", the president has sexual relations with a 12 year old. This information goes out to the media 1 week before elections. So, to get the publics mind off of the little Girl, the president stages a war with Albania. The moon shots were the same concept. People did not like what was going on with the Vietnam war, so, to get the publics mind off of all the bad things going on in Vietnam, the US faked a moon landing. If you check your dates, we abruptly stopped going to the moon around the same time the Vietnam War Ended.

TO WIN THE SPACE RACE -- Back in the late 60's early 70's, Russia and the US were in a heated battle to see, well, pretty much who was better. Once the US realized that they couldn't send a man to the moon, they couldn't just say, "OK Russia, we give up."

Whether or not you believe we went to the moon or not, I hope that some interesting questions have been brought to your mind through this report.

Posted by Lan at Tuesday, June 08, 2004
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